Voices of New Women

Are you actively involved in improving the lives of refugees and migrants especially women? Are you doing any type of advocacy work on refugees and migration policies in the Netherlands and Europe? If so, we want to hear from you and we want to involve you!

Ongoing Consultation; for and by Refugee & Migrant Women

Be part of the New Women Connectors collaboration with BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht: an event for connecting and achieving success together.

“Voices of New Women” is an innovative and one-of-its-kind inspirational events, for refugee women from all cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds, to not only learn, connect and share, but also to build more inclusive policies; celebrating ideas and strategies worth spreading. The migrant/newcomer women will get the opportunity to accumulate a broad range of knowledge to boost their economic and social skills.

Apply here before 10 May 2020

Event Dates: on-line Webinars

These events will provide migrants/newcomers the opportunity to be more informed about the Integration Programs , get involved with a diverse network, and share stories and experiences. Join a meaningful discourse around the existing challenges, and get support in taking big new steps in your lives.

Apply if you want;

To be linked; with strategies and policy and practical responses,’ experiences by highlighting the solutions towards challenges faced by Refugee women living in Netherlands,

To be involved; a platform to all migrant and refugee backgrounds, including successful women professionals to provide guidance o newcomers

To get connected; with local organisations for socio-economic inclusion and intercultural dialogue in your host country, and to inspire conversations on inclusion and diversity.We want to hear about your involvement in advocacy work. Your responses will be used to put together the agenda and themes for symposium and to start building alliances and shared advocacy messages to influence policies. In other words, your work is valuable to us! If you would like to participate and share your experience.

Email: info@newwomenconnectors.com