Anila Noor (Founder)

Anila Noor is a refugee-activist based in the Netherlands. Noor has diverse experience working with national and international nonprofit organisations and causes namely dealing with peace-building efforts, refugee integration, and education special focus on women rights. She has been active in advocating for refugee resettlement and social/political engagement of refugees in Europe. Anila Noor has initiated New Women Connectors, a movement striving for mainstreaming the unheard voices of migrant and refugee women living across Europe. New Women Connectors is a perspective-shift to the refugee agenda and advocates inclusion than integration as a policy choice. The movement also helps newcomer refugee women to lift their spirits and make something of it. 

She found herself involved in the subjects of forced migration and identity crisis when she had to go through the same experience. Since, she has been working as a refugee social entrepreneur focusing on Forced Migration, Asylum, Refugee Policies and Advocacy for the Rights of Migrants. Noor is currently working on the subject of Receiving Refugees in Urban Settings: Narratives from the European Countries.

Iffat Rose Gill (The Netherlands)

Iffat Gill is social innovator, digital strategist and a global leader for digital inclusion of women. She has extensive experience in setting up programs and initiatives for digital inclusion through public-private partnerships for addressing the shortage of skilled labour and the gender digital divide.

Her initiative The Code To Change is working in Europe to bridge the gender and e-skills gap in the technology industry. Her work has been recognised by Startup Amsterdam (Amsterdam City Council) as one of the top 10 diversity initiatives in the Netherlands. Her work has been featured in two publications by German government.1

She has a strong focus on up-skilling and re-skilling the current talent pool to meet the ever growing and evolving needs of the digital economy. She has been at the forefront of shaping the policy debate of women’s digital inclusion for close to a decade at local, national international level. For over a decade, she has advocated for digital skills education and gender diverse workforce at many policy level platforms, including the UN’s World Summit on the Information Society-WSIS Forum, the UN’s Internet Governance Forum and the European Parliament.

In 2010, Her project Community Technology Center for Women in Layyah, Pakistan won the Syster’s Award from the Anita Borg Institute. In her free time, she loves to teach children about building and programming robots.

Yafa Kasem

Yafa Kasem is a humanitarian aid worker, Palestinian Refugee based in the Netherlands.


She Has been living in Syria for 35 years, she is graduated from Damascus University, Bachelor of Arts, English Language and Literature Department.


She has 10 years’ work experience with The United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), in Damascus “Protection Unit”

Reem Abbas

Reem Abbas, Palestinian -Syrian living in The Netherlands since 2006, has BA in English literature issued from Damascus university. 


Worked in Syria with UNHCR for 8 years, started as registration assessor then worked as a senior protection assistant where she conducts best interest assessment and decision for children and their families. 


She works now with New Women Connectors as advocacy officer, and with DOING as communication and outreach officer. 


She hopes to be part of the police changing. She is passionate to participate in matters concerning migration and refugees.

Esmeralda Kashari (Turkey)

Esmeralda Kashari(Albanian) with academic background in Sociology is currently working as Coordinator, Youth Worker and Youth Trainer at System and Generation Association, in Ankara, Turkey. 

She has over 5 years of experience in the civil society sector. Her areas of work include; intercultural citizenship education, social & sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, environmental issues and she works closely with: youth, migrants & refugees, people with disadvantages, fewer opportunities and disabilities.

Seyran Maryam Khalili (Norway)

Seyran has considerable expertise in organisational psychology and psychiatry, education and public policy. She has been working with advocacy with great commitment to reduce the gap between minorities and the majority through dialogue, information and public service. She had led the norwegian NGO LIM (Equlity, Inclusion and Diversity) as deputy boardmember since 2018, in addition to specialising in Digital HR and innovative service design the past year. She promotes issues of social injustice and actively participates in community debates.

In addition to several project collaborations, including with UNITEE, she has been one of the foremost to spark initiavites for new ways of working and getting negative social control under debate.

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