NWC Mission

New Women Connectors (NWC) aims to raise awareness through organised platforms and feature the voices of refugee and migrant role models who are succeeding in life despite different challenges that come with integrating into a European city. New Women Connectors aims to create policy and perspective shifts surrounding the stereotypes that refugee and migrants, especially women, face in Europe today. The primary objective of the organization is to facilitate an open platform for sharing refugee and migrant voices, to come together and engage in individual and group everyday challenges refugees and migrants face, such as integration, participation in the labour market, representation in media and education. NWC focuses on ensuring that the voices of migrant and refugees are heard and taken into account. We plan to translate those voices into policy recommendations to ensure meaningful participation of newcomers into European society. The lived experiences and skills of newcomers can lead to proposing collaborative and feasible solutions for policy platforms. It will demonstrate how the inclusion of refugee and migrant voices and listening can lead to positive societal cohesion and better integration.

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