Working together, a team of immigrant, migrant and refugee women have mobilized themselves to propel Anila’s vision into a movement. By raising awareness through facilitated platforms of discussion addressing the challenges and opportunities migrant women face in European cities and cultures, New Women Connectors aims to create policy and community shifts surrounding these matters.Envisioned, created and led by migrant refugee, New Women Connectors focuses on ensuring all voices are heard and responded to, so that migrant refugee women can feel empowered.

We believe that by creating an open platform, we can facilitate individual and group reflection through the exchange of dialogue and listening to one another. As a result, these efforts can, and will, lead to collaborative feasible solutions of urgent matters migrant women and newcomers face in European cities. New Women Connectors aims to demonstrate how, through the power of voice, individuals can reflect on and recognize the capabilities we togetheras migrant women – have and share.